by Alicia Cerretani
The developments in the Arctic are a near perfect example of what Lyndon LaRouche, the foremost economic forecaster on the planet means, when he says that in order to survive, our species must continue to rise to higher and higher platforms of economic productivity. And the Arctic is a perfect example.

by Alicia Cerretani

Just days after U.S. envoy Susan Rice stormed out of a U.N. security council meeting, irate over the joint decision between Russia and China to veto a resolution that they argued could be used to justify NATO-led Libya-style military action in Syria, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton published a lengthy feature article in the latest edition of Foreign Policy magazine titled "America's Pacific Century," which stated clearly from the outset,

"One of the most important tasks of American statecraft over the next decade will therefore be to lock in a substantially increased investment — diplomatic, economic, strategic, and otherwise — in the Asia-Pacific region."

The world is currently hanging in perilous limbo between the death of the transatlantic system, and a birth yet-to-occur of a Trans-Pacific world. The proximity of possibility of a new system for mankind can be a source for hope, but it also is the cause of the danger we face of a currently mobilized British drive for an all-out Hitler coup.

By Leandra Bernstein

In the case of the attempted assassination of Saudi ambassador to the United States, Adel Al-Jubeir, presumably by two Iranian citizens, there is one factor that has not been adequately acknowledged. Namely, any confrontation between the United States and Iran is inherently a confrontation with China and Russia.

But the real subject of this post is the imminent threat posed by what some have called the “militarization of foreign policy”, but which we will call Obama's Private Army. There are two fundamental aspects that have increased this threat: 1. the outright privatization of essential military functions, including security, logistics, construction, intelligence, etc.; and 2. the use of drone technology.

US Congressional Candidate Summer Shields congratulates the Chinese on the one hundred year anniversary of Sun Yat Sen's republican revolution and looks forwards to the next one hundred years of US Chinese collaboration.

By Limari Navarrete-Bedford

Yesterday Russian Prime Minister and candidate for president Vladimir Putin, arrived in China at the invitation of Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao with the stated intention to boost economic ties. A developing partnership has been ongoing among the two nations for several years, with both expanding development into their vastly underdeveloped frontiers.

A great global change has occurred. The trigger was the Russia-China agreements. Americans, now smelling at least the possibility of a future, have taken to the streets to claim back their republic. Congressmen are rising up to fight for Glass-Steagall. And Obama is now going the way of the doomed trans-Atlantic system, into the dustbin of world history.

By Leandra Bernstein

In Spencer Cross' morning report, he quotes Vladimir Putin's response to being asked, first, whether Russia is interesting in joining the EU, and second, whether Russia is interested in joining NATO.

I can't help but think about the position Russia found itself in during the Napoleonic Wars--no, not standing back while Napoleon's freezing army ate their own horses--but their attempts at non-engagement in Europe, in particular with Great Britain.

By Leandra Bernstein

RT ran an article featured on their front page called "Mainstream media skewed on Syria."

It begins by raising the legitimacy of the UN Human Rights Watch death-toll of Syrians when a woman, claimed to be the first woman to die in government custody, said by Western press to have been tortured, mutilated, and murdered, shows up at a Syrian police station to say, "Hey guys, I'm not dead."

We review the impulse among leaders from around the Arctic, including Russia, Alaska, and nations in Scandinavia, to shift the maritime center of gravity of the planet from the Atlantic Ocean, and shipping channels such as the Suez Canal-- which has always been a geopolitical choke point for British imperial policy-- towards the fabled Northeast Passage, or Northern Sea Route.

As part of our series in which we examined the globally-extended NAWAPA concept (click here for full video), Anna Shavin details how building the Bering Strait Tunnel project will open up the possibilities for the colonization of mankind's last remaining terrestrial frontier -- the Arctic Circle.

LPAC presents a picture of how the NAWAPA concept will manifest across the globe. We take a look at four crucial case studies: Africa, Central Asia, Ibero-America and the Arctic.

We review the recent trend coming from China and Russia towards development of the Siberian Far East and the Bering Strait connection as the next land-based frontier to be conquered by mankind, focusing on recent breakthroughs in rail technology, all of which will be crucial to the development of the Arctic region.

**Update: The Tiangong-1 succesfully launched at 9:16 p.m. Beijing Time (9:16 am EDT) Thursday from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center**

The Russian Spektre-R radio telescope is set to be fully operational by October. A U.S. without Obama, could fully fund NASA and the James Webb Space Telescope. Doing so will expand the Great Pacific Alliance into the Galaxy.

Noted American economist and political leader Lyndon LaRouche issued a statement Sunday of warm congratulations to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, upon his nomination for the Presidency of Russia in the 2012 elections.

LPACTV's Lora Cross counter-poses the sorry state of America's manned space program under Obama to the optimistic outlook of both Russia and China. If mankind is to take his rightful place as an interplanetary species, the Three Powers must collaborate to explore and colonize space.

Vladimir Putin has taken the world by surprise, announcing not only his own candidacy for President of Russia, but also Dmitri Medvedev’s parallel candidacy for Prime Minister, outflanking London's divide-and-conquer strategy. Now the United States must reciprocate Putin’s bold move, by giving the British Empire a little surprise of our own: the immediate removal of Obama from the Presidency.

The only means to set us on the path towards recovery is a three powers collaboration between the United States, Russia, and China. Leaders from two of those nations met last week to sign important agreements on nuclear development.

LPACTV's Lora Cross counter-poses the sorry state of America's manned space program under Obama to the optimistic outlook of both Russia and China. If mankind is to take his rightful place as an interplanetary species, the Three Powers must collaborate to explore and colonize space.


The international angle of accomplishing a new, global development perspective characterized by Glass-Steagall and NAWAPA will be fostered through a close partnership between the United States, Russia, and China. This page is a continuing exploration of the potentials of that arrangement.

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